Guoxin Micro Joining China RISC-V Alliance and Supporting RISC-V Ecological Construction

Recently, Guoxin Micro has officially become a member of China RISC-V Alliance with its profound strength accumulated in the field of smart chips, promoting the establishment of an shared open source chip ecosystem.

Guoxin Micro is one of the largest listed integrated circuit design companies in China, having leading technical strength and market position in the field of smart chips. Its products and solutions cover digital security, intelligent computing, power and power management, and etc., widely used in the fields of financial services, telecommunications, government affairs, automobile, industrial interconnection, IoT and etc., and committed to help create a smart ecosystem and empower thousands of industries. Guoxin Micro joining China RISC-V Alliance will gather innovative power for RISC-V, and is of great significance for strengthening the company's independent innovation capabilities, enriching the chip product structure, and promoting the healthy development of open source and open command chips and ecology. .

In the future, Guoxin Micro will work with members of China RISC-V Alliance to seize the historic opportunities brought by RISC-V technology for the development of the domestic chip industry, empowering product applications with chip technology, strengthening core chip capabilities with product applications, and contributing to the construction of an independent intellectual property chip industry ecosystem in China.

Guoxin Micro

Guoxin Micro is a listed company in the semiconductor industry under Tsinghua Unigroup, focusing on the design and development of integrated circuit chips. It is a leading integrated circuit chip product and solution provider, with its products and applications all over the major industries at home and abroad, and having formed the leading competitive situation and market position in its core business fields such as smart security chips, high-reliability special IC, high stable memory chips, independent IP FPGA, power semiconductors, and ultra-stable crystal oscillators.

The company shoulders the mission of "making information and connections more secure", upholds the vision of "becoming a leader in security chips", and actively promotes the healthy development of its core business. In the future, the company will adhere to the global vision and high-point positioning, make full use of the advantageous resources of Tsinghua Unigroup, build a healthy business ecosystem, actively participate in the revitalization of the semiconductor industry in China, and achieve the leapfrog development of the company.

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