Country Garden Venture Capital became a strategic member of the global open hardware standards organization ‘RISC-V Foundation’

On March 7, 2022, Country Garden Venture Capital announced to join in the RISC-V Foundation, a global open hardware standards organization, as a strategic member. Country Garden Venture Capital believes that RISC-V's open source architecture, open spirit and streamlined, modular instruction set design have broad development prospects in the AIoT era.

The development of RISC-V is the key to realizing innovation in the field of open integrated circuit design. As an industrial capital, Country Garden Venture Capital is optimistic about the broad development prospects of RISC-V's open source architecture, open spirit, and streamlined and modular instruction set design in the AIoT era. We will fully exploit the role of investment institutions in cultivating and assisting industrial development. At the same time, together with RISC-V alliance members, we will continue to pay attention to the innovation of cutting-edge fields and the semiconductor industry chain, explore high-quality projects in its ecology, support and track cutting-edge technologies, and promote its development in China. The development of RISC-V will make greater contributions to the global RISC-V ecological development.

Country Garden Venture Capital

Country Garden Venture Capital is an equity investment division directly managed by Country Garden. It takes 'industrial empowerment and value co-creation' as its strategic traction and focuses on four major investment themes, namely industrial chain, hard technology, big health and new consumption, making investment in early VC and mid-late PE. Investment has already become a staged, specialized and multi-level pattern.

After two years of development, Country Garden Venture Capital has invested in more than 50 companies, of which 8 companies had successfully completed IPO and other 8 companies had completed the next round of fundraising. 45% of investment projects are in advanced manufacturing, semiconductors, and carbon neutrality.

In the future, Country Garden Venture Capital will continue to adhere to the vision -- 'strive to build a high-tech comprehensive enterprise that creates welfare for the society', and contribute value to the high-quality economic and social development, using the cutting-edge scientific and technological power. Hope the society is getting better for our efforts.


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