Nuclei helps WITINMEM to release the world’s first computing-in-memory chip WTM2101

Nuclei help WITINMEM to release the world's first computing-in-memory chip WTM2101, which has three advantages: low power consumption, high computing power, and multiple applications. This series of products all use Nuclei's RISC-V N307 processor core.

The smart wearable product market has developed rapidly in recent years, and sales of representative products such as smart watches and earphones have also continued to rise.With the wave of sports and health driven by the Beijing Winter Olympics, consumer users' demand for smart wearable products has become more diversified and segmented, which has also become a key path for hardware manufacturers to seize market opportunities.

The world's first computing-in-memory SoC chip WTM2101 under WITINMEM is officially mass-produced and will be launched to the market soon. This chip is based on the world's leading in-memory computing technology of Nuclei System Technology, and has accumulated global leading user experience and needs. It has three advantages of low power consumption, high computing power, and multiple applications, which can help smart wearable devices to achieve product experience upgrade and realize diversified and differentiated applications.

The official mass production of WITINMEM 's WTM2101 chip and its introduction to the market will help strengthen the connection between computing-in-memory SoC chip and high-quality enterprises in the field of smart wear, and vigorously promote the innovation and development of the smart wear industry.

WITINMEM is an international leading computing-in-memory chip company, founded on October 23, 2017. The team has 80 people and has developed a computing-in-memory chip for 6 years. The team completed the world's first analog computing-in-memory deep learning chip in 2016. WITINMEM's computing-in-memory technology innovation uses flash memory to complete the storage and operation of neural networks, solves the problem of AI storage walls, improves computing efficiency and reduces costs.At present, WITINMEM has launched the world's first computing-in-memory accelerator WTM1001 and the first computing-in-memory SoC chip WTM2101. WTM series chips are used for low-power AIoT applications such as wearable devices and smart terminal devices.

Nuclei System Technology is a top RISC-V processor IP and solution leader in mainland China. Our RISC-V processor IPs have been used for mass production in many top fabless companies. And We collaborated with GigaDevice for the first RISC-V based general-purpose MCU in the world - GD32VF103.


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