TinyLab plans to form an open interest group for RISC-V Linux kernels

TinyLab focuses on Linux and is committed to promoting the creation of more extreme Linux products. The website is a pure non-profit Linux technology community, currently mainly used for embedded systems, especially in learning, communication and sharing related to embedded Linux systems. In addition to the technical articles that TinyLab compile and write on an ongoing basis, they will also invite colleagues, friends and readers in related fields to share their technical insights and related experiences.

In view of the booming development of RISC-V chip-related technologies, TinyLab Linux technical community plans to form an open RISC-V Linux kernel interest group, dedicated to tracking, researching, profiling, contributing and sharing in RISC-V Linux kernel and surrounding technologies and communities.

source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/iIP-7bSiajhe69k9BG0Pzg
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