APTCHIP RISC-V MCU Non-Inductive Three-in-One Motor Drive Solution

In recent years, it’s said that the fascia gun is out of the circle. Not only can it relax and decompress, but it was even labeled as a "magic effect" as "standard for sportsmen" and "must have beautiful legs for weight loss". In fact, the fascia gun uses its special high-speed motor to drive the "gun head", generating high-frequency vibrations that act on the deep layers of the muscles, reducing local tissue tension, relieving pain, and promoting blood circulation. At present, there are many kinds of fascia gun products on the market, and their performance is uneven. The core difference lies in the function control of the MCU chip.

Today, I would like to introduce you a non-inductive three-in-one motor drive solution, using APT APT32F102X series MCU chips, which can be applied to fascia guns, vacuum cleaners, massage heads, etc.

Solution Features

This is a highly integrated three-in-one brushless motor control solution. The main control IC integrates motor drive solutions such as logic control, motor drive, and power management.

  1. Charging path management, motor drive, button and LED display control
  2. Drive DC24 brushless motor with linear speed regulation
  3. Three-phase motor drive function and protection (phase loss protection, overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection, locked-rotor protection)
  4. Input 5V boost charging function, you can adjust the charging current through software, adjust the resistance to set the battery full voltage, including (input CV function, support all USB interface charging)
  5. System control, customizable display mode and key control mode. Standby power consumption is below 10uA
  6. Stronger suction, less noise, longer service life
  7. Package Information: SSOP24 (Flash)
  8. Application products: fascia gun, vacuum cleaner, massage head, etc.

Schematic of the device


Left:Front, Right: Back

APT32F102X Series Chip Features

APT32F102X is a 32-bit high-performance and high-reliability MCU developed based on RISC-V CPU core. The main frequency can reach up to 48MHz, which can meet the requirements of motor applications and can be widely used in the field of motor control.

  1. Industrial standard design
  2. Temperature range –40℃-85℃
    3.HTOL passed 500Hours@125℃ test
  3. Operating voltage range 1.8V-5.5V
  4. Wide voltage, high signal-to-noise ratio, built-in analog and digital proprietary filter circuit
  5. Low disturbance: excellent CE, RE performance
  6. High anti-interference: excellent EFT, CS, ESD performance. CS passed Class-A test,10V 0.15~230MHz; EFT passed Class-A test, ±4KV; ESD passed HBM 4000V, MM200V, CDM500V test
  7. Support hardware CRC
  8. Internal module interconnection trigger
  9. Up to 22 GPIO, support TTL level input; support external interrupt
    11.17-way touch key, hardware touch, environment adaptive, low power consumption
  10. The EPT module supports 4 channels of PWM and supports complementary dead zone mode
  11. RTC
  12. Easy-to-use development tools, graphical debugging tools, SDK components

APT is a nationwide high-tech enterprise in China that focuses on R&D and design of 32-bit microprocessor chips. All MCU products are based on RISC-V architecture core, and put into R&D and mass production. In 2021, the shipment exceeded 100 million, which had won recognition from many brand customers and shipped in large quantities. At present, APT 32-bit MCU ranks first in the non-ARM core market in terms of shipments and market share.

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