CVITEK Joined in 2021 the First Dishui Lake China RISC-V Industrial Forum

On December 17, the team of CVITEK, led by Mr Huang, COO of CVITEK, joined in the first Dishui Lake China RISC-V Industrial Forum held in Shanghai Lin-gang Special Area, and introduced the new generation of AI vision chip architecture based on RISC-V layout to the industry.

In the era of excessive security protection, CVITEK has launched the light intelligent AI vision chip CR182x equipped with the RISC-V C906 core of T-Head. This series of chips is one of the most highly integrated products of its kind in the industry, integrating technologies such as the second-generation fully self-developed deep learning tensor processors (TPU), fully self-developed smart image processing engine (Smart ISP), hardware-level advanced security data protection architecture (Security), voice processing engine and H.264/265 intelligent encoding and decoding.

CR182x series adopts fully self-developed professional security-level ISP technology, supporting 5M high-definition dual-channel sensor input, with each input supporting image processing functions such as starlight-level image denoising, wide dynamic, defogging, distortion correction and etc., providing camera applications with high-quality video output. H.264/265 codec can also be combined with ISP/TPU technology to strengthen or retain key information in video frames, providing a high-definition, high-fidelity but low-bit-rate intelligent encoding solution.

The CR182x series builds a terminal AI light computing power platform with safe data and open ecosystem through the deep integration of the self-developed AI Toolchain and excellent computing power. TPU in CR182x series supports BFloat16 (BF16 for short), and is combined with CVITEK's accuracy control technology, which can reduce accuracy loss and support terminal applications with high computing power and low power consumption. The launch of this series of chips has greatly lowered the AI threshold for the civil consumer market and helped AI technology step into the life of ordinary people.

The CR182x series will also adopt low power consumption and fast start-up technology, focusing on AIOT and battery-related markets to provide partners with cost-effective low-power product solutions. CVITEK aims to build an AI chip platform with the safest data and the most open ecosystem.

【About CVITEK】
Cvitek Co. Ltd. (CVITEK) is a chip design company focusing on video surveillance and edge computing technology. It has the leading-performance AI TPU computing core and SoC chip integration technology, with R&D integration experience in complete chip R&D, platform architecture design, algorithm development, software and hardware reference design, and etc. The first CV183x series of professional-grade security chips has the accumulated sales of over one million sets in the intelligent visual surveillance and strong AI scenario application market; the CV182x series launched in 2021, with the highest integration in light intelligent AI market, has been applied in a number of consumer-grade AI visual application scenarios. The company has also received investment from Xiaomi Changjiang Industrial Investment Fund Management Co. and Bitmain in 2021, and will soon launch RISC-V series in 2022 to build an autonomous control and cost-effective AI vision chip platform in the AIOT market.

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