HPMicro has created a new era of domestic high-performance MCU

HPMicro (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. recently released HPM6000 series, brand-new high-performance real-time RISC-V microcontrollers. HPM6750, the flagship product of this series, equipped with dual RISC-V cores, with a main frequency of up to 800MHz, and relying on the innovative bus architecture and efficient L1 cache and local memory of HPMicro, has set a new record of MCU beyond 9000 CoreMark™ and DMIPS performance over 4500, which provide great computing power for edge computing applications.

Speaking of the products released at this time, Zhao Jianbin, CTO of HPMicro, said: "We would like to express our gratitude to the team of the company for their hard work day and night. The team completed the tape out in just eight months. As mass production was possible after first tape out, the top technical strength and outstanding fighting spirit of our HPMicro team was fully demonstrated." When talking about the products, Zhao Jianbin described them as "innovating and leapfrogging": "a brand-new chip system architecture definition, a brand-new CPU core, a large number of Independently innovated IP design, and complete supporting ecology have together created a high-performance domestic MCU series, enabling our customers to meet the demand of more efficient industrial control, richer display functions and higher data processing requirements without increasing costs and power consumption.."

The HPM6000 series supports double floating point and powerful DSP expansion with 2MB SRAM built-in, and provides rich multimedia functions, motor control modules and communication interfaces.T he multimedia module of HPM6000 series includes Image hardware accelerator, dual cameras, LCD display up to 1366X768, 60FPS, and multiple voice and digital microphone interfaces.The motor control module includes multiple high-speed and high-precision Analog to Digital Converters (ADC), multiple nanosecond high-resolution PWM and analog comparators, etc. The communication interfaces include two Gigabit real-time Ethernet, IEEE1588 support, two high-speed USB with built-in PHY, four CAN-FD and rich UART, SPI, I2C.In terms of security, HPM6000 series microcontrollers provide secure boot to ensure that the boot code cannot be tampered with, preventing software malicious code cloning and illegal code execution; integrated AES-128/256, SHA-1/256 acceleration engine to support key management and protection; ROM integrated Flash loader to support code encryption burn-in and upgrade. HPM6000, a wide range of products, including multi-core HPM6750 and single-core HPM6450 options, and the entry-level HPM6120 version.

He Dajun, general manager of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech, said when talking about the significance of HPMicro's release of general-purpose MCU products ‘First of all, we congratulate the successful release of HPM6000 chip of SEMICO, and we are glad to see that the start-up company established in Zhangjiang has designed an international leading chip product. This new product fills the gap in the field of high-end MCU in China and contributes to the establishment of a domestic alternative, independent and controllable RISC-V computing platform with safe performance. Zhangjiang Hi-Tech is focusing on laying out the IC design industry, leading the development of the whole industry chain with design, forming an innovation nucleus of 100 billion industrial scale, aiming to build into a world-class IC industry cluster.’

【Company Overview】
HPMicro is headquartered in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, and has a subsidiary in Tianjin.

HPMicro's high-performance RISC-V general-purpose MCU design based on innovative architecture covers microcontrollers, microprocessors and peripheral chips, as well as supporting development tools and ecosystems, which are used in industrial robots, smart homes, financial terminals, Internet of Things, etc. HPMicro has a mature R&D team. All key R&D functions (architecture, analog, SOC, digital, IP, DFT, back-end, etc.) are in charge of senior engineers. Most of the R&D team staffers have master's degree or above, including several doctors.

In October 2021, HPMicro successfully completed the PRE-A round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing funds ensured that HPMicro could successfully invest in the research and development of a new round of products, as well as start the mass production and marketing of the first product.

In November 2021, HPMicro officially released the world's most powerful real-time RISC-V microcontrollers -- HPM6000 series. The flagship product of this series -- HPM6750, adopts dual RISC-V cores with a main frequency of up to 800MHz. It adopts the HPMicro’s innovative bus architecture, efficient L1 cache and local memory, setting a new record of performance, higher than 9000 CoreMark and DMIPS more than 4500. This provides the application of edge computing with great computing power. HPMicro also provides developers with a complete ecosystem, including a free-of-charge integrated development environment -- HPM Studio based on the VS CODE framework, and a PC-side graphical interface SoC resource configuration tool. HPMicro will also provide SDK based on BSD license, which includes low-level drivers, middleware and RTOS, such as littlevgl/lwIP/TinyUSB/FreeRTOS, etc. All the above official software products will be open source, with cost-effective evaluation plate.

[Development Path]

  • November.2021
    HPMicro releases domestic ultra-high-performance RISC-V microcontroller
    Shanghai HPMicro Co., Ltd. has released a new high-performance real-time RISC-V microcontroller -- HPM6000 series.

  • October.2021
    HPMicro raised nearly 100 million yuan in PRE-A round of financing
    On October 21, 2021, HPMicro completed a PRE-A round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan, led by China Fortune-Tech Capital, and was followed by Dongfang Rongshi (Dongfang Electronics affiliated foundation) and Chuangtu Investment.

  • July.2021
    The first-generation product was successfully taped out
    In July 2021, HPMicro announced the success of the first-generation product tape-out.

  • May.2021
    HPMicro-Tianjin Co., Ltd. was established
    In May 2021, HPMicro established a HPMicro-Tianjin Co., Ltd., which established a base for the company's northern R&D team. HPMicro-Tianjin is located in Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone, and is mainly responsible for product design and late stage supply chain management.

  • June.2020
    HPMicro Shanghai Co., Ltd. was established
    HPMicro-Shanghai Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangjiang, Shanghai, and is committed to the development of high-performance embedded solutions. The products include microcontrollers, microprocessors and supporting peripheral chips, as well as development tools and application solutions for them.

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