Bouffalo Lab Brings Complete Matter Solutions to CES 2022

Bring Complete Matter Solutions to CES 2022

In the past 2022 CES in Las Vegas, Bouffalo Lab, as one of the important exhibitors in the chip field, displayed a complete system-level Matter chip solution, including Matter device, Bridge And Border Router, attracted a large number of audiences to visit and communicate.

Bouffalo Lab Intelligent System-Level Matter Chip Solution

CES On-site Communication

It is reported that the Matter protocol is an application layer connection protocol launched by the CSA Connection Standards Alliance in 2021. It aims to eliminate the compatibility pain points between different ecosystems and solve the problem of smart home fragmentation by building a unified "language". At present, Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. have all promised that the Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit ecosystems will be compatible with devices that support the Matter protocol.

As an early participant and contributor to the Matter ecosystem, Bouffalo Lab is one of the few suppliers that can provide complete chip-level solutions. The mature chip solutions and development plans displayed this time also fully reflect Bouffalo Lab 's determination to deeply embrace the Matter ecosystem.
At present, the chips that Bouffalo Lab has supported the Matter protocol include:

  • Wi-Fi Matter based on BL602
  • Thread Matter based on BL702
  • Border Router based on BL706+BL602
  • Matter Bridge based on BL706+BL602, connecting Zigbee devices based on BL702 to Matter network

Bouffalo Lab Matter Product Planning

In addition, Bouffalo Lab will successively launch Matter devices and gateway solutions based on multimode interconnected protocol chips such as BL606P, BL616, and BL618, which highly integrate technologies such as Wi-Fi6, BLE, Zigbee/Thread, and AI audio and video.
In the future, Bouffalo Lab will continue to focus on the application scenario of smart home, solve the pain points of interconnectivity from the bottom of the chip, and meet new challenges together with ecological partners. Let intelligence be everywhere!

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