T-head announced the open source Xuantie RISC-V series processors, boosting RISC-V technology to higher level

On October 19, at the site of the 2021 Alibaba Cloud, Zhang Jianfeng, president of AliCloud Intelligence, announced that T-head will open source the Xuantie RISC-V series of processors and open up a series of tools and system software that will promote the RISC-V architecture to maturity and help accelerate the integration and development of RISC-V software and hardware technologies and promote innovation on the ground.

In AIoT age, RISC-V architecture is expected to become the next generation of widely used CPU architecture after Intel X86 and ARM due to its open and flexible features. However, the RISC-V architecture is currently facing problems such as fragmentation of applications, low development efficiency and difficulties in hardware and software adaptation, and the hardware and software ecology is not yet mature.

The Xuantie RISC-V series of processors use self-developed technology, covering various scenarios from low power consumption to high performance, supporting AliOS, FreeRTOS, RT-Thread, Linux, Android and other operating systems, and have been successfully applied to microcontrollers, industrial control, smart home appliances, smart grid, image processing, artificial intelligence, multimedia and automotive electronics, etc. . Not long ago, the Xuantie 910 was compatible with Android for the first time, greatly expanding the imagination of the RISC-V architecture for open ecology.

At present, XuanTie processors have sold more than 2.5 billion units, with more than 150 customers and more than 500 licenses.

The open source XuanTie RISC-V processors include four mass-produced processor IPs, including Xuantie E902, E906, C906, and C910, as well as full-stack software and tools based on XuanTie's multi-operating systems. Developers can download the source code of XuanTie through Github and the Open Chip Community. On this basis, they can realize open source EDA collaboration, innovative hardware architecture, and enrich software application ecosystem.

Calista Redmond, CEO of the International RISC-V Foundation, said, "Alibaba has become a true leader in the RISC-V community through continuous contributions, advanced technologies and in-depth cooperation with the RISC-V ecosystem. This will stimulate the development of innovative chips in the global RISC-V community, and the RISC-V global ecosystem will benefit from it.”

T-head has been cultivating self-developed chip technology for many years, and insists on open source, making continuous efforts to promote inclusive computing power. As early as 2019, Xuantie 910 was opened to the outside world, and the first open source low-power microcontroller chip design platform "Wujian100 Open". This full-stack open source provides global developers with a new choice of architecture, and will also promote the further maturity of RISC-V technology and ecosystem.

Zhang Jianfeng said, "After three years of hard work, we have released the open source version of the Xuantie RISC-V series today. In the future, we will open source more RISC-V processors, and hope to have more partners to develop on the basis of Xuantie. We will produce more valuable IP cores and basic software to jointly build an open, transparent and inclusive RISC-V ecosystem."

openXuanTie on its official GitHub repo: https://github.com/T-head-Semi

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