Bouffalo Lab Launches Multi-Mode Wireless Intelligent Voice SOC BL606P

On December 17 2021, the First Dishui Lake China RISC-V Industrial Forum, cosponsored by China RISC-V Industry Consortium(CRVIC), VeriSilicon Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Cluster Development Promotion Organization, was held in Shanghai Lin-gang Special Area.

As an active practitioner of China's RISC-V ecosystem, the domestic smart home SOC company, Bouffalo Lab (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the forum and launched its first multi-mode wireless intelligent voice SOC chip BL606P. Mr. LIU Zhanling, the Vice Director of Sales in the company, officially launched BL606P and gave a speech of 'New Connection, New Interaction'.

Bouffalo Lab is a system-on-chip platform design company dedicated to providing smart home equipment manufacturers with chips and solutions from the device end to the edge. With the richest and most complete portfolio of wireless connectivity IoT chips in the smart home industry, Bouffalo Lab's products cover WiFi+BLE combo, BLE+ZigBee Combo, BLE Mesh, Thread and other multi-mode protocols, and be widely used in a range of smart home applications.

Through this forum, Bouffalo Lab released its first multi-mode wireless intelligent voice SOC chip BL606P. Bouffalo Lab determines to provide higher performance and higher integration chip solutions for smart home applications by improving from IoT wireless connection to AI intelligence demonstrates.

The smart home industry is full of domestic and international giants, where the Matter protocol with the goal of interconnection has become a hot topic in the industry. Bouffalo Lab debuted two smart products integrated with Wi-Fi Matter based, an A60 bulb and a smart converter. Building on this, the company plans to showcase the Matter Bridge at CES in January 2022. Through this gateway, enable the interconnection of the ZigBee with Matter-enabled control terminals and applications.

In terms of the construction of ecosystem , Bouffalo Lab opens up the hardware platform and source software code. It has long been deeply involved in the open source of ecosystem and community. With the release of BL606P, Bouffalo Lab will provide customers and developers with BL606P+BL602+BL702 set of chips and development boards to promote the industrial upgrading of smart home.

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