Bluetrum & ADI released Active Noise Cancellation reference design scheme

In order to meet the needs of high-performance ANC products, Bluetrum, together with ADI, released the reference design scheme of XunlongⅡ & ADAU1850 / 1860 in 2021.

Compared with the Xunlong Ⅰ, in terms of the radio frequency, power consumption, delay and other aspects, Xunlong Ⅱ has made great progress. In particular, all series of Xunlong Ⅱ models have integrated the ENC call algorithm from Beijing Sound+, to provide more convenient and more efficient solutions for the industry.

Figure 1. BT892x system block diagram

While strengthening its own Active-Noise-Cancellation research and development, it has also actively launched in-depth scheme cooperation with ADI companies leading in the noise-cancellation industry, to provide more noise cancellation scheme options for the industry.

ADI is known for Analog Devices, Inc, and ADI is the industry-recognized leading supplier of data conversion and signal processing technologies.ADI is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in ANC DSP research and development in the industry, and its ANC DSP has been widely used in the flagship projects of famous international and domestic brands.

ADI is continuously promoting the development of ANC industry while providing better noise cancellation experience for consumers.

The release of ADAU1850/1860 represents the current industry's best ANC DSP performance, and with the cooperation of Bluetrum, it can provide more cost-effective advantageous ANC solutions for the industry.

Figure 2. ADI ADAU1850 system block diagram

The ADAU1850/1860 has industry-leading Codec performance, with ADC performance reaching 106dB SNR, -95dBFSTHD, and Audio DAC performance reaching 110dB SNR, -95dBV THD+N, effectively reducing the background noise of the ANC system and better ensuring sound quality when ANC is turned on. ADAU1850/1860 provides three sets of microphone interfaces, one set of DAC output, built-in Fast DSP to efficiently realize ANC, and provides a separate 13-stage EQ module with configurable sound effects. The overall scheme is more flexible and adapts to different application scenarios. Furthermore, ADAU1860 also has built-in HiFi3z DSP, which can run more differentiated algorithms to meet higher-level application requirements.

In order to facilitate the user to complete the development of the ANC solution, ADI also provides a wealth of ANC debugging tools, such as ANC filter chain design/tuning tools, etc.

Figure3. ADI ANC filter chain design

Figure4. BT892x & ADAU1850/1860 system block diagram

The BT892x and ADAU1850/1860 reference scheme shows above. The ANC part is completed by ADI, and the Bluetooth system and ENC are completed by BT892x. The rich interfaces of ADAU1850/1860 and the flexible application of BT892x, high-end applications such as Hybrid ANC + dual MIC Beamforming ENC can be realized. Data intercommunication and related control are completed between systems through I2S and I2C interfaces.

Bluetrum BT892x series terminal customers have been mass-produced and shipped, and ADI ADAU1850/1860 has also entered the mass-production stage. The detailed information of the BT892x & ADAU1850/1860 reference design can be applied to Bluetrum.

Source: Bluetrum
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