The 2021 China IoT Innovation Awards was announced, and APT’s 32-bit MCU APT32F1023 won the best

On December 10, the 2021 China IoT Conference and IoT Innovation Award was grandly held in Shenzhen. APT 32-bit MCU APT32F1023 won the best - 'Golden Lion Product Award' - for its own technology, high-performance and trusty.

The China IoT Innovation Award is the most professional and influential industry award in China's IoT industry, hosted by the Elecfans . It aims to discover and recognize outstanding technologies with innovative value and far-reaching impact in the IoT industry, as well as innovative products which highly concerned and recognized by the market and industry users. After multiple rounds of selection and voting, APT's 32-bit MCU finally won the 'Golden Lion Product Award', which fully demonstrated the industry’s high recognition of APT's products.

The award-winning APT32F1023 is a 32-bit MCU, developed and launched by APT in 2021 based on T-Head chip, and totally made in China. It is China's first mass-produced 32-bit MCU based on 55nm, 12-inch wafer technology. The APT32F1023 has superior performance with all its performance targets reaching the international advanced level. It adopts industrial-grade standard design to have a main frequency of up to 48MHz; it has rich peripheral interfaces to support hardware CRC and independent divider, and support internal module interconnection trigger; it is equipped with enhanced PWM and 12-bit high-precision ADC; and it has excellent performance such as wide voltage and high signal-to-noise ratio.

In the market, APT32F1023 has long been recognized by Midea, Bosch, Xiaomi, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble, Joyoung, OPPO and other brands, and is widely used in industrial control, IoT, CE and other fields. Up to now, with the cumulative shipment exceeding 100 million, APT32F1023 is a non-ARM architecture 32-bit MCU with the largest shipment in China, ranking first in market share.

In the future, based on its own technological advantages and strong IP design capabilities, APT will continue to adhere to independent innovation made in China, developing and mass-producing more made-in-China innovative MCU products, and realizing China’s independence and control in the MCU field!


APT32F1023 is a 32-bit high performance and high reliability microcontroller based on RISC-V CPU core developed by Aptech Microelectronics.
APT32F1023 microcontroller is designed for industrial control, touch control home appliances, consumer electronics, wearable devices and other applications.

Product Highlights

  • RTC function
  • Support hardware CRC, independent divider
  • Up to 17 touch keys, hardware touch control, environment adaptive system, low power consumption
  • 4 high current drive pins
  • Support 3 groups of 6 complementary PWM outputs with deadband mode
  • Up to 22 GPIOs, support TTL level input, all support external interrupt
  • Internal module interconnect trigger
  • FVR mode 16-way capacitive touch keys with dynamic 10V CS support
  • Easy to use development tools, graphical debugging tools, SDK components
  • 32-bit 5-cycle hardware divider

Typical application

Key features

System and core

  • T-Head Xuan Tie series 32-bit CPU core
  • 16 x 32-bit general purpose registers
  • Efficient 2-level execution pipeline
  • 32-bit x 32-bit hardware shaping multiplication array
  • 32 interrupt sources with configurable priority
  • Built-in time trigger controller, support on-chip module interconnection trigger
  • Independent hardware divider


  • 32,64K bytes internal flash memory, support ISP protection
  • Configurable protective field size
  • Support hardware CRC check
  • 2K bytes data flash memory
  • User Option configuration of flash memory to support modification of reset source
  • 4Kbytes of internal SRAM
  • Support 96bit UID function

Analog peripherals

  • 16 x 12bit ADC input channels, support internal and external VREF, the fastest conversion speed could up to 1MSPS
  • 16 touch buttons

Communication interface and IO

  • I2C x 1
  • UART x 2
  • SPI x 1
  • SIO x 1
  • High current driven pins x 4
  • GPIOs x 22, all IOs support external interrupts, the communication port supports TTL level input

Power clock and reset

  • Working voltage: 1.8V~5.5V
  • Working temperature: -40℃~85℃
  • External crystal oscillator 400k~24MHz
  • Internal main vibration 131.072K/2.097/, 4.194/5.556MHz to choose from
  • Internal high-speed oscillator 24/48MHz
  • Internal auxiliary vibration 27KHz
  • Low power consumption mode
  • Reset source monitoring and management, configurable low voltage reset and low voltage detection


  • 16-bit timer EPT x 1, supports 6-channel PWM and complementary mode with dead zone
  • 16-bit timer GPT x 1, supports 2-channle PWM
  • Independent watchdog timer x 1
  • 16-bit counter COUNTERA x 1, supports carrier frequency generator
  • System timer x 1
  • 8-bit WWDT x 1
  • 16-bit RTC x 1
  • 16-bit basic timing TIMER BT x 1
  • 16-bit LPT x 1

Block diagram

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